Dr. John De Anzo is a Doctor of Medical Qigong and a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the People’s Republic of China.

Those are the official details. To his students and patients he is a friendly Buddha of genuine kindness with both the desire and the true capacity to help with obstinate difficulties of all sorts.

Spirit of the Practice Dr. De Anzo’s practice follows in the tradition of the ancient Wu doctors of China. The Wu treated people with a wide variety of techniques – everything from herbs and bone setting to exorcism and magical talismans. But more than treatments, the Wu trained people in taking care of their own health.

This is Dr. De Anzo’s priority as well: to pass on an understanding and set of tools with which you can improve and manage your own health. Many of the tools he offers are drawn from the medical and magical traditions of ancient China and Tibet. Some of these have become somewhat familiar in the west: meditation, breathing practices, qi gong and martial arts. These techniques have become popular here because they work – especially for improving chronic conditions. But they’ve also gained popularity because they’ve been adapted to fit with a Western understanding of health, happiness and relationship to self and world.

Many of Dr. De Anzo’s tools don’t fit so easily within a Western understanding of reality. And this is a great part of their value. We may understand a human body as an isolated thing responsible in itself for maintaining all the balancing acts involved in health; or we may understand the body as something physically, energetically and spiritually connected to the world around us. In the second view – Dr. De Anzo’s view – the world we move through is medicine. When we understand and feel that the energy of the earth is flowing through us, we learn how that relationship can help change frailty to strength, anxiety to calm groundedness. When we feel our connection to the stars in the night sky, we learn how that relationship can help release us from existential confusion and draw us forward toward self-actualization. Trees, animals, rocks, flowers – everything has its own medicine. A lily can help release sexual trauma. A root tea can help recharge exhausted adrenals.

When the world is medicine, all bets are off: conditions that may seem hopelessly “stuck” can suddenly undergo radical shifts and change. Sometimes, when it’s not “realistic” to hope for change, one simply needs a different understanding of reality to let real transformation and healing flow.

Dr. De Anzo’s life studies led him into a trinity of studies: he started training in martial arts from a young age, progressed into the study of Chinese Medicine through Medical Qigong Therapy, and continued on to study Daoist Mysticism. According to ancient Daoist philosophy, the combination of martial arts, medicine, and mysticism creates a complete system of harmonized body, energy, and spirit training. With decades of experience and training behind him, Dr. De Anzo draws on the power of this “complete system” to offer patients and students deeply sourced training and treatment.