Embodying the Daoist training means transforming yourself.

The training changes your body – its muscles, ligaments and organs. These systems aren’t simply “strengthened”. They’re balanced: released of tension and stored emotion, lengthened and relaxed, returned to their original nature. Embodiment exercises also deepen the physical body’s connection to the natural forces and energies that nourish, cleanse and sustain it.

The training is also about transforming your life. Life becomes an alchemical furnace: stagnant energies are burned up and released; powerful new energies and possibilities emerge. Life also becomes more aligned with the flow of the natural cycles of nature. These alignments manifest amidst the grit of real life in the form of qualities and capacities. You become more conscious, more aware, more able to face life’s challenges and unmet expectations with grace and ease.

Energetic Cultivation Seminar

This seminar will teach participants a dynamic daily practice with exercises for clearing stagnant energy as well as cultivating healing energy within their bodies. Having a daily practice is an essential aspect of training in Chinese Energetic Medicine, promoting health and well-being of body, mind and spirit. During this seminar, participants will learn various Qi scattering exercises to remove turbid energy from the body, exercises to promote health and regulate energy of the internal organs and organ systems, and exercises for cultivating energy to increase overall stamina and vitality. Participants will also be introduced to the foundational principles of Chinese Energetic Medicine including: the Five Elements and their associated organs, the yin and yang organs systems, and techniques for purging, regulating and cultivating energy. This seminar is open to all students who seek a greater understanding of these teachings.
Seminar topics will include:
Physical- An Introduction to the Practice of Neigong and Principles of Internal Alignment and Energetic Cultivation, Exercises to Stretch and Loosen the Body, Proper Posture for Standing and Movement Exercises, Breathing Techniques
Energetic- Qi Scattering Exercises to Clear Turbid Energy, Exercises to Promote Health of the Spine and Yang Organs (Large Intestine, Urinary Bladder, Gall Bladder, Small Intestine and Stomach) Exercises to Promote Health of the Yin Organs (Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Heart, Spleen), Exercises for Storing Cultivated Energy

Spiritual- Quiescent Meditation

The embodiment training includes exercises for training and refining your body (Jing), energy (Qi) and spirit (Shen). These include:
Pulling Down the Heavens
: Purges toxic Qi from your body – especially from the tissues of the internal organs. Energies of heaven and earth are run through the body like a cleansing river, carrying and clearing toxic energy into the earth. During the practice energy is cycled through your body along meridian pathways, clearing obstructions with each pass.
Daoist Five
: Stimulates the five yin organs and their corresponding energy channels.  The Daoist Five Exercises include…
• Lung Exercise: strengthens respiratory and immune systems; releases grief and sorrow
• Kidney Exercise: strengthens reproductive, sexual systems and overall stamina; releases fear and insecurity
• Liver Exercise: strengthens tendons and ligaments, aids in digestion; releases anger
• Heart Exercise: strengthens circulatory system, brightens spirit and improves emotional boundaries; releases nervousness and anxiety
• Spleen Exercise: enhances visual equilibrium and regulates balance; releases worry and self-doubt

“He who has a clear understanding of the Virtue of Heaven and earth may be called the Great Source, the Great Ancestor. He harmonizes with Heaven; and by doing so he brings equitable accord to the world and harmonizes with men as well.” – Chuang tze