Dr. De Anzo’s clinical practice draws upon the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine to treat your body, energy and spirit.

Dr. De Anzo prioritizes helping you gain sensitivity. As you gain more subtle awareness of your physical and energetic body, his treatment of you can go deeper and deliver a more profound healing impact.

The Medical Toolkit

Techniques used may include any of a number of treatment modalities, depending on your needs:

T.C.M. Standards
Some of the tools from Traditional Chinese Medicine include: moxibustion, herbs, cupping and bone adjustment. Dr. De Anzo will usually begin treatment by setting you at ease, physically manipulating you to release stress and tension, then purging your energy body of turbid qi.

Medical Qigong 
Medical Qigong consists of specific techniques that use knowledge of the body’s internal and external energy fields to purge, tonify and balance these energies. It offers a safe and effective way to clear toxic pathogens and release emotions that might otherwise cause mental and physical illness.

Dr. De Anzo uses intention to work directly with your energy: removing stagnant qi, balancing the energy bodies, nourishing depleted areas with powerful energy. This treatment can often help resolve obstinately chronic conditions such as fatigue, immune disorders and cancer.

Sickness and health have a strong emotional component. Physical treatment – when successful – will often unclench tissues and unblock energy meridians, releasing difficult emotions and traumatic memories to the surface. Dr. De Anzo works with you in letting those rattled energies settle into peace and integration. This may involve offering prescription exercises, stress therapy or pain management education.

Training and Education
Self-treatment through qigong, meditation and other practices can elicit a much deeper and more sustainable healing effect than treatment alone. Dr. De Anzo has more than 20 years of concentrated training in energy techniques. In other words, he has at hand a great cabinet of energetic “medicines” suited to address a great variety of illness and imbalances. He is happy to help you look after your own health by providing a training program designed specifically to meet your health concerns.

The Way of the Wu

The techniques of Dr. De Anzo’s practice descend from an ancient lineage. As far back as a few thousand years ago, Chinese medicine men – called Wu – used these techniques in village squares to offer healing to their communities.

Back then, the healing practices were a blend of medical and spiritual technology. These skills were widely practiced in China – passed down and refined through the centuries until Chairman Mao made illegal the medicine’s mystical component.

The result was a Traditional Chinese Medicine cut off from its soul and lessened in medical effectiveness. Despite being outlawed, the medical techniques survived with their mysticism intact in a teaching lineage still alive today. Dr. De Anzo practices medicine from this medical-mystical tradition.